Spring 2013 - The Coach and Horses, Harvington

Tuesday 9 April 2013

The Pub of the Season award for Spring 2013 was presented by Julian Stobinski on Tue 9th April. First time licensees Di and Steve Salter have been here just 2 years and already there is so much going on. To name a few things: there is a Ukulele, computer and over 50's club, and an annual beer festival. On top of this they have gone on to support events in the community such as the village community orchard. Being one of 2 pubs in the village, this pub has become a thriving hub serving up 3 consistent ales with a good staple regular and 2 changing guests which are chosen in a novel and unique way by the patrons! Di and Steve also gave credit to Neil their cellar man who keeps the beers in excellent condition ensuring a plentiful supply which was evident during the presentation evening where beer sales where very brisk while maintaining a high quality.